Health Tip: Winter Hiking and Safety

-- Hiking in the chilly weather can be a fun way to stay active. But before you head out on the trail, it's important to prepare for unexpected conditions.

For safe winter hiking, the North Country Trail Association has this advice:

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Health Tip: Advice on Home Wound Care

-- Many minor injuries can be treated at home by following a few guidelines, says the University of California.

But for animal bites, deep cuts or wounds that bleed excessively, you should always see a doctor.

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Health Tip: Is Your Makeup Skin-Safe?

-- Makeup can be a great way to freshen your look. But if you're not careful, makeup can irritate your skin and eyes, says Aurora Health Care.

It offers these skin-safe makeup guidelines:

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Health Tip: Understanding Muscle Spasms

-- Muscle spasms occur when your muscle contracts involuntarily and cannot relax, says Cleveland Clinic.

Most commonly, people have muscle spasms in the thighs, calves, foot arches, hands, arms and abdomen.

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Health Tip: Choosing a Pediatrician

-- Pediatricians are specially trained to treat children from birth through adolescence and into the patient's young adult years, says the American Academy of Family Physicians.

To find a qualified pediatrician for your child, the American Academy of Pediatrics and can supply names of board-certified physicians in your area. Local medical societies and hospitals can also provide the names of doctors nearby.

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Health Tip: Should I Get a Cholesterol Test?

-- Cholesterol tests, also known as lipid panels and profiles, are blood tests that measure the amount of cholesterol in your blood, says Mayo Clinic. As high cholesterol is a prime risk factor for heart disease, cholesterol tests are an important tool.

Mayo Clinic suggests that these people get a cholesterol test:

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Health Tip: Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

-- Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack, says the American Heart Association. Women and men can have different symptoms, so it's important to know the hallmarks of a heart attack for each gender.

The AHA mentions these heart attack symptoms for women:

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Health Tip: The Importance of Hydration

-- Though exercise and proper diet are essential to maintaining good health, the body's basic need for water is often overlooked.

Not drinking enough water can be dangerous and have a plethora of negative effects, says Texas Health and Human Services.

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Health Tip: Heart-Smart Approaches to Relationship Stress

-- Arguing with a partner or feeling anxious about meeting the in-laws can induce stress. When these strains are intense or prolonged, your heart can suffer, says Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The school mentions these healthier ways to deal with relationship stress:

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Health Tip: Managing ADHD in Adults

-- About 4 percent of adults have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says Harvard University Medical School. Adults with ADHD tend to have more difficulty with attention and memory, rather than with hyperactivity, as with children.

To help manage ADHD in adults, the school suggests:

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